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how this domain came to it's name "Hawkbit"


How this domain came to it's name "Hawkbit":
Some time ago, I used to change emails with an old flame who underwrote her mails with a very funny and meaningful cybername. So I asked her whether she would invent such a name also for me and she suggested "Hawkbit". Initially I thought it was an artificial word - just the combination of "Hawk" (the English equivalent of my Christian name) and "bit" (indicating my interest in computer basics). After a while, playing with search engines in the Internet, I found that "hawkbit" is also a (maybe rather old-fashioned) name for ordinary but very pretty spring-flowers commonly better known as "dandelion". Loving from childhood the rich-warm yellow of their blossoms, I got very happy with this cybername and called my Internet domain "hawkbit.de".